Indigenous treasures


Indigenous and fynbos

Indigenous Treasures

If you’re looking for low maintenance indigenous plants to add a burst of colour and interesting texture to your garden, then you can’t go wrong with cone bushes and pin cushions.

Cone bushes (leucadendrons) grow into bushy shrubs which burst into colour in winter. They have very attractive foliage and colourful floral bracts.

Pincushions (leucospermums) are available as small trees, shrubs or groundcovers. They form striking, brightly coloured pincushion-shaped flowers.

Some of our favourite cone bush and pincushion species :

  • Leucadendron: “Discolor”, “Summer Sun”, “Winter Red”, “Golden Tip”, “Coniferum”
  • Leucospermum: “Sweet Lucy”, “Cordifolium”, “Oleifolium”, “High Gold” and “Tango”.