Lovely Local Spring Beauties


Indigenous and fynbos

Spring is bulb time – that season when those unassuming (and rather unattractive) lumps that you placed in to the soil in April burst into vibrant colour. This month we’re taking a look at some of the most rewarding indigenous spring-flowering bulbs to grow in your garden.

If you don’t have them already, look out for them in gardens in your neighbourhood – they’re in full glory at the moment – and then make a plan to plant them next autumn.

  • Lachenalia (Cape Cowslip) grows very well in full sun or light shade. It is available in a myriad of colours and works very well as a edging plant and can also be grown in containers.
  • Scadoxus Puniceus (paintbrush lily) grows well in shady areas. It can be left in the soil to go dormant during autumn and winter – it will sprout again of its own accord in spring.
  • The Sparaxis Genus is indigenous to the Western Cape and includes about 13 different species. It is available in many striking colour variations and the bulbs can also be left in the soil during winter. Choose sparaxis grandiflora if you want really. spectacular, large blooms.
  • Chasmanthe (Cobra Lily) is a tall-growing and resilient bulb, making it ideal for the back of garden beds. It produces nectar that is a firm favourite with sunbirds, so you’ll benefit from great bird watching opportunities too.
  • Watsonia Marginata is a very attractive local bulb that differs from other watsonia species in that the flowers are cup-shaped, rather than tubular. It produces masses of white or pink flowers and attractive green leaves with yellow margins.

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