How to Transport your Pet Safely


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How to Transport your Pet Safely

As long as certain precautions are followed, travelling with pets can be great fun. If you have a new pet, it might be a good idea to get them used to short car journeys. Taking them for short rides to the park will help your pet associate car rides with something pleasurable. This will also make it easier when you need to take them to the vet.

The first thing you need when travelling with your pet is a safe and comfortable carrier that is big enough for them to turn around, lie down and stand up in. Marltons Atlas Pet Carriers are suitable for cats and small dogs. They are equipped with a door made of plastic-coated steel so your pet can see out on the journey, and have lateral ventilation grilles which ensure sufficient ventilation.

Make sure the carrier is in a safe place in the car, such as the backseat, and that the seatbelt is fastened over it. The pet should be able to see out of the window, but the carrier should not be put on the passenger seat unless the airbags can be disabled. If the airbags go off during an accident it can result in serious injury to the pet. Try to avoid putting the carrier in places where it could slide around and scare your pet.

For bigger dogs you will need to get a harness, which is the equivalent to a seatbelt. In this case, make sure the windows are not open wide as dogs tend to stick their heads out the window which is bad for their eyes.

Remember to pack your pet’s favourite toy or blanket so they feel more at home and don’t forget to bring a waste bag and leash. When you begin the journey, drive off slowly and build up speed, so as not to startle your pet. Animals do not have the ability to anticipate corners so always take corners very slowly when they are in the car.

Don’t feed your pet right before a car journey as this is likely to increase the chances of car sickness. Likewise, make sure your pet has an empty bladder when beginning the journey. Always bring food and water with you so that your pet can stay hydrated and have a small snack along the way. Marltons stainless-steel food and water dishes are a great for travelling because they can be hooked onto the wire cage so that your pet doesn’t step in them and cause a mess.

If you are going on a long journey, make sure to stop every hour so that your pet can stretch their legs, drink, eat and do their ‘business’. Always be alert when opening the car door and either put a leash on your pet or hold them. If they are over-excited or stressed they may run into the road.

One thing you must never do is leave your pet alone in a car for long periods of time. The maximum amount of time they should be alone in the car is five minutes, with the window slightly open and the car parked in the shade.

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