How to save water and still have a fish pond


DIY and how-to

Koi fish swimming in a pond with ferns reflected on the water's surface.

As we enter our second month of level 3 water restrictions, here are some handy ways to reduce the water consumption of your fish pond:

  • If your pond is in direct sunlight, cover it with 50% shade cloth. This will reduce evaporation and, hence, the need to top up the water level.  The shade cloth will also provide shelter for the fish and prevent sores caused by pro-longed exposure to the sun.
  • Use a product like Tetra Water Balance to keep the water parameters stable for longer periods. This will reduce the number of water changes that need to be done and, consequently, save water.
  • Thinking longer term, try channelling the run-off from the roof of your home into a storage tank. This water can then be used for water changes and for topping up your pond. 
  • Finally, when changing your pond’s water or backwashing the filter, make sure that the waste water runs into the garden or onto the lawn, instead of down the drain. This waste water is rich in nutrients so you are fertilizing your plants at the same time.

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