How to manage waste in your Koi Pond


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How to manage waste in your Koi Pond

Koi are remarkably tough fish and a sick or dead Koi is usually a symptom of poor water quality. It’s essential that you remove solid waste from your pond regularly. If you have wastes under control, you have the Koi pond under control. Waste-free water is healthy water.

The moving bed media filters available from Koi suppliers work very well for waste removal. They use specific scientific applications of fundamental Koi-keeping principles and they optimise the waste management process through sensible use of technology. They are designed to last longer, perform better and reduce your maintenance workload. These products will help you enjoy your Koi (and your weekends!) and are well worth the financial investment.

Not sure what kind of filter you need? Ask a consultant at one of the Stodels Pet and Fish Centres for their advice and recommendations.