Terrarium gardening


DIY and how-to

Overhead view of a glass bowl filled with vibrant green terrarium plants.

Terrarium gardening is a hot urban trend that’s grown in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to understand why: who wouldn’t want to grow their own miniature world inside a beautiful glass vessel? These look great placed inside or out and will be a conversation starter if you make it the star of your lunch table setting.

Terrariums are fun to make so why not get creative turning your favorite glass vessel in to a tiny work of green art? Contrary to what you might think, terrariums are easy to care for and you don’t need any special skills to get it right. Here are some top tips:

To stay true to your water warrior status, make sure your terrariums mimic the eco-system of the plants you are growing, for instance a succulent terrarium should emulate a desert landscape while indoor plants can be planted up to look like tiny rainforests (luckily a regular misting is all it will take to keep this rainforest alive!).

What you’ll need
• A glass vessel with a wide neck
• Pebbles
• Activated charcoal
• Soil (either for succulents or for indoor plants)
• Fine mist spray bottle
• Plants

From there on, you begin to layer, starting with the sand and pebbles to create a drainage base, then you simply layer your charcoal and soil… Remember to leave room to place your plant!

Hot Tip
Succulents thrive in bright light and low moisture conditions so make sure you find a place where they can enjoy lots of light . Your terrarium will need decent air circulation. Don’t forget to snap your pictures and post it to our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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