How to keep your cat purring


DIY and how-to

How to keep your cat purring 

All cats have three basic needs:

  • High-quality food: A good brand doesn’t really cost more. A high-quality diet packs more nutrition per serving and should result in better health and lower vet bills for your cat.
  • Fresh water: This should be available 24/7. Some vets recommend filtered water.
  • A clean litter box: Place it in a private, but easily-accessible location. You should have at least one litter box per cat.

Cat safety

Remember to keep the following things out of your cat’s reach: string, plastic bags, blind cords, poison, gas, oil – the whole garage, in fact. It’s very cute when your cat plays with string, but potentially deadly if he swallows it, which is a common occurrence.

Provide a place to scratch

Cats need to scratch – it’s a good daily workout and de-stressor. Start with a sturdy sisal-covered scratching post that’s tall enough for a full stretch. Before you buy, put some weight on the post like your cat would. If it wobbles, don’t buy it. Position the post where your cat likes to scratch, or near his sleeping spots or the perimeter of the house if you’re not sure. If he ignores the post at first, don’t despair. Try new locations; give each location a few days, though.

Alternatively, let your kitty scratch a mature, sturdy tree. Most trees will do, as all your cat needs to do is stretch, and claw the tree bark.

Provide toys

Set out some safe toys in spots for your cat to discover them. Catnip mice, wads of paper, bells and straws work pretty well. Keep it interesting by varying the toys and locations. Stodels Fish and Pet Centres have a variety of cat accessories that will help keep kitty busy all day.

Spend time with your kitty

Play with your cat every day to keep him in great physical and mental shape. You’re the one who makes his toys come alive, so that he can stalk and pounce with gusto. Let him win most of the time, and praise him on his superior hunting skills. Daily playtime is a great way to strengthen your bond with your cat and help him work off stress and negative energy. Afterwards, the two of you can take a catnap on the couch.