How to grow indigenous spring meadow


Indigenous and fynbos

If you’re a fan of a natural looking garden, why not dedicate a few adjoining garden beds to the creation of your own spring meadow?

Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps:

  • Mix together a few packets of different spring seeds, such as Namaqualand daisies, bokbaaivygies, nemesias and felicias.
  • Dig up a large area in your garden (you could even use a section of your garden where the grass is struggling to grow) and mix in compost, bone meal, superphosphate and a handful of 2:3:2 per square metre.
  • Use a rake to remove any lumps and stones and then use the back of the rake to level out the soil.
  • Broadcast your seed mixture over the entire area (it may help to mix in a little sand into the seed mixture if you are worried that you will struggle to spread the seed mixture evenly).
  • Rake the soil over the seeds and gently firm down the soil.
  • Water the entire area and keep the soil moist until germination has occurred (about 2 weeks).
  • Sit back and enjoy watching your meadow grow!