How to build a pond using pond liner


DIY and how-to

There are several ways to build a pond. Liner ponds are a popular cost-saving option. Liner ponds are cheaper than concrete ponds, and some liners can last for up to 20 years in sunlight

  • Decide on the depth and shape of your pond.
  • Cut the liner to account for the depth and shape you have chosen. Allow for an extra 50cm overlap as an edging to the pond.
  • Mark out the required shape on the ground with a piece of string and the dig out the hole.  Make sure that you remove everything that can puncture the liner, such as stones and roots.
  • If you are making a pond in soil that is very rocky it is best to use a liner that comes with under-felt as this will prevent stones from piercing the liner.
  • Place the liner over the hole and start to fill it with water.  This will help to align the liner to the shape of your pond.
  • Once the pond is filled, place stones, cobbles or pavers on top of the overlap to secure the liner in place and finish off the edge of the pond.

Some useful suggestions: select a semi-shaded area for your pond as this will minimise the growth of algae and prevent the water from getting too warm during summer. Use a bio-filter and pump to circulate the water and help to keep it clear.

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