How to build a Koi pond : Part 1


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A colourful assortment of koi and other ornamental fish swimming together in a pond or aquarium.

How to build a Koi pond: Part 1

If you are new to the hobby of Koi keeping and are considering putting in a Koi pond, you must be aware of the potential pitfalls and expensive mistakes you can make.

There are several ways to build a Koi pond. Liner ponds are a popular cost-saving option. Liner ponds are cheaper than concrete ponds, and some liners can last up to 20 years in sunlight. However, laying the liner and removing all the creases is very tricky. They are prone to punctures and, if not built properly, can be more expensive than a proper block and concrete pond.

Design dos and don’ts

Building a Koi pond is not easy. Always consult a professional. It will save you a lot of money. You, as a Koi pond owner, get to make important decisions about a few things, for example, the size, shape, location, etc.

But listen to your pond builder and let him override a decision if he feels it is not in your best interest. Get a quote from a trusted builder. It is expensive but much cheaper than doing it yourself twice or thrice.

You should understand that a Koi pond is NOT a swimming pool. Koi ponds are far more complex than swimming pools, so they can be more expensive when built properly.

Always beware of cheap quotes to build a Koi pond.

Bottom drains are the key to the success or failure of any Koi pond. If you don’t have bottom drains, your Koi pond cannot be successful.

Koi ponds are typically permanent. Build them with this in mind. In other words, a liner pond, which will work, may cost you substantially less but will cost you more in the long run when your liner’s life expires.

A useful suggestion: if this is your first time building a Koi pond (or even if it isn’t), join your local Koi society and go and see what other people have done with their Koi ponds. You will hopefully gain some insight into the technicalities behind Koi ponds.

A few criteria to consider when designing a Koi pond are:

  1. Location – Put it somewhere you can see the pond easily every day.
  2. Architecture – Make the pond’s theme coherent with the rest of your living space. Japanese is the typical influence but consult with a professional architect first. Check the architect out – has he done Koi ponds before? Ask for three references.
  3. Size – The bigger, the better. Build it bigger.
  4. Depth – The deeper, the better. At least 1.5m deep.
  5. Raised or ground level?
  6. Fibreglass or not?

Build your Koi pond, but build it once and build it properly. This is and has always has been our philosophy. Visit your closest Stodels Garden Centre today to see what we have to offer you.

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