How often should I change the water in my pond?


DIY and how-to

Do you have a fish pond or tank?

You should change the fish tank’s water as often as possible. It is better to change 15-25% water every two weeks than to wait for the tank to get really dirty and change it only then.

The easiest way is to siphon the water out using a tube:

  • When doing this, direct the tube at the bottom of the tank to clean up the waste that accumulates in the bottom of the tank. All you need to do this is plastic tubing and a bucket that you place below the water level in the tank.
  • Place one end of the tube in the tank and suck on the tubing (stop before it reaches your mouth) and place the plastic tubing in the bucket that is below the fish tank. The water will continually flow into the bucket.
  • Leave enough water for your fish to swim in at the bottom and prepare to fill it with fresh water.

Remember to treat the fresh water with dechlorinator before you pour it into the fish tank.

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