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Succulents and cacti

As a country with no shortage of hardy, versatile and just downright breathtaking flora, one plant truly stands out for its resilience, overall attractiveness and numerous health benefits: the aloe. 

By now, you are probably more than a bit familiar with its medicinal properties and striking appearance. But have you included it yet in your home oasis? 

Cultivating aloe in your garden can offer a range of benefits, from enhancing aesthetics to promoting wellness. Still need convincing? Read on to explore why an aloe should be the next plant you welcome into your thriving garden.

Aloe, beautiful!

Aloe plants boast striking architectural forms, with fleshy leaves arranged in rosettes that add a unique sculptural element to your garden landscape. And with varieties like Aloe ferox, Aloe glauca and Aloe arborescens you are sure to be treated to an arresting burst of fiery orange colour when they come into bloom.

While many other plants go into a form of hibernation during the chillier months, you can depend on your aloe to provide year-round visual interest. Some species produce vibrant flowers that attract pollinators (birds, bees) during the winter months when other blooms are scarce, making an aloe an ideal plant for winter gardening.

From the towering Aloidendron barberae (that’s the continent’s largest aloe!) to the compact Western Cape native Aloe brevifolia, there’s a diverse range of aloe species to suit every garden style and size, ensuring there’s a perfect match for your home garden aesthetic.

A low-maintenance champ

Adapted to our arid climate, aloes are exceptionally drought-tolerant once established. That’s great news for us water warriors! These low-maintenance mainstays need little more than well-drained soil, occasional watering during dry spells and protection from frost in colder regions like Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape. Keep this in mind during your winter gardening activities, and you are sure to be rewarded!

These hardy succulents are naturally resistant to pests and diseases, sparing you the hassle of frequent monitoring and interventions, meaning a more sustainable gardening approach for you.

Health haven

Aloe vera, in particular, is renowned for its medicinal properties. The gel found inside its leaves offers soothing relief for:

  • Sunburns, 
  • Minor cuts, 
  • Insect bites 
  • Various skin irritations

Drinking aloe vera juice, derived from the inner gel, is believed to support digestive health, boost immunity and provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

A+ for eco-friendliness

Like other succulents, aloes are great at purifying the air by absorbing harmful pollutants, helping to create a healthier living environment, both indoors and outdoors. Through photosynthesis, they also capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their tissues, making them valuable allies in combating climate change and mitigating carbon emissions.

Aloes attract a variety of beneficial wildlife, including birds, bees and butterflies, enriching biodiversity in your garden and contributing to the conservation of native species.

Cultural significance

In South African culture, aloes hold deep symbolic significance, representing resilience, healing and spiritual protection, making them a cherished part of cultural rituals, customs and folklore. Growing aloes in your garden can foster a sense of connection to our rich botanical heritage, and provides an opportunity to share knowledge, stories and traditions with friends, family and neighbours.

Did we mention we love diversity? Embracing aloes in your garden celebrates the diversity of our nation’s flora, and pays homage to our country’s natural beauty, fostering a deeper appreciation for the land and its inhabitants.

Yes, aloes are indeed striking and symbolic of our landscape’s natural beauty, but having one in your own garden provides benefits beyond mere aesthetics. By embracing these remarkable plants, you can create a sanctuary that not only delights the senses, but also nurtures health, wellbeing and a profound connection to the land. 

So, why wait? Join aloe aficionados and unlock the transformative potential of this botanical wonder in your own backyard oasis. Your local Stodels Garden Centre has a variety of aloe species to choose from, with the equipment and expert advice to help bring your garden vision to life.

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