Fantastic ferns


DIY and how-to

Close-up of lush green fern fronds in a forest setting.

Fantastic Ferns

Ferns are ideal for shady areas of your garden where other plants struggle to thrive due to lack of sunlight. Just make sure you keep the soil moist and rich and they’ll reward you with spectacular foliage. They grow particularly well as a groundcover under large trees or in hanging baskets suspend from the branches of trees. Ferns also grow well close to water features, especially when they are grown between rocky crevices, where they add a softening effect to the hardness of the rocks.

Here are a few of our favourite fern varieties :

  • Maidenhair is an attractive, dainty fern which will grow well in cool, damp areas of your garden. It also works very well as an indoor potted plant.
  • Yellow sword fern has striking golden foliage which adds an interesting contrast to darker, shady areas. 
  • Holly fern is a tough species with shiny foliage and an attractive spore pattern on the underside of the leaves.
  • Leather leaf fern is a tough species with evergreen foliage. It works particularly well in flower arrangements as it lasts for weeks in a vase of water.