Potted herb garden


Kitchen gardening

Potted mint and thyme next to small clay pots filled with dark soil, on a neutral concrete background.

There are many great reasons to incorporate herb gardening into your outdoor area. For one, they’re great to use in culinary dishes. Many herbs are also great for medicinal purposes.

If you’re someone who loves to have greenery around you, but aren’t as attentive as other garden enthusiasts, the option of starting your own herb garden is a great one.

Plant herbs properly and they will thrive in full sun and they only need to be watered occasionally.

Where to begin:

First let’s ascertain why you want to plant a herb garden: are you looking for culinary aids? Perhaps you’re keen on using these herbs for medicinal purposes, or simply because they look great. Next, make a list of all the herbs you’d like. If you’re interested in creating a potted herb garden, we have some fantastic new pots in store otherwise plant them directly in to prepared beds.

Planting tips:

• Most herbs need full sun and well-drained, composted soil.
• Regularly cut back herbs to promote new, vigorous growth.
• Where soil is heavily clay-based, grow your herbs in raised beds filled with composted soil.
• Ensure easy access by planting your herbs close to your kitchen: balconies and window boxes as well as containers and hanging baskets situated near the kitchen door are all good ways of doing this.
• Avoid sprays or pesticides on herbs and if you do use these, make sure they are of the natural variety and that you wait at least 48 hours, and then wash the leaves thoroughly, before eating them.