Go for gauras


DIY and how-to

Gauras are hardy perennial plants with a long flowering season and minimal care requirements. Plant them now and you’ll have flowers all the way until autumn. Gauras are native to Texas and Mexico and their name comes from the Greek word “gauros”, which means “superb”.

Here is why we love gauras:

  • They work very well as border plants as their delicate flowers, set on top of long stems, add an airy lightness to the edges of garden beds.
  • They flower all the way from early spring until late autumn and are available in white and many pretty shades of pink.
  • They are perennial plants, so one plant will last a number of seasons before it starts to look untidy. When it does, simply snip off a few stems and grow new plants from the cuttings.
  • Many varieties of gaura attract masses of butterflies, birds and bees to the garden. Try the ‘Angel Wings’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Blushing Butterflies’ varieties.
  • The flowers do not need to be deadheaded. Simply prune the bush well in autumn once it has finished flowering. You’ll be rewarded with wonderful new growth when spring arrives.
  • They are fairly free of pests and diseases due to their airy growth habit – there’s not much place for insect pests to hide.

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