Bright and cheerful bokbaaivygies


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Bright and Cheerful Bokbaaivygies

Bokbaaivygies are an institution in South African gardens. Internationally referred to as ‘Livingstone daisies’ these colourful indigenous plants provide masses of colour in late winter and early spring. They’re so easy to grow and if you sow them now you’ll benefit from the full flowering season.

Bokbaaivygies should be sown directly into the soil in early autumn. The plants are low growing and develop fleshy leaves which look as though they are covered in water droplets (this explains why these plants are sometimes referred to as ice plants). Remember to sow them in an area which receives plenty of sun as the flowers only open when the sun shines.

Here are a few more tips to ensure growing success :

  • Before planting, dig up the soil to a depth of about 25cm. Rake the soil well so that it has a fine consistency.
  • The seeds are very fine, so it helps to mix them with soil before sowing. Place one part seed and ten parts of soil in a container with a lid. Close the lid and shake the mixture well.
  • Sow the seeds by gently sprinkling the seed and soil mixture onto your prepared beds.
  • Gently rake the mixture into the soil (don’t bury the seeds under the soil).
  • Water the seeds with a fine spray of water and keep the soil moist until germination (about 14 days).