Water Wise – Vegetable Garden


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Water Wise Vegetable Garden

The idea behind creating a Water Wise vegetable garden is that it has the benefits of both saving you water and can be a source of healthy nutrition. These are the steps you can take to save water in your vegetable garden:

Water Wise Shape for Beds

Best is to keep to the traditional square or rectangular beds which channel the water to the plants as apposed to the pathways between the beds. The beds can be slightly lower in the centre to create a pocket for the water to collect in. Keep the pathways narrow and use paving slabs to minimise lawn coverage. Walk only on the pathways as the beds may become compact, decreasing absorption and therefore increasing evaporation.

Water Wise Mulching

Use organic compost which can be worked into the soil to hold the water for a longer period of time.

Water Retaining Granules

To save a further 50% on water usage as well as give your plants a slow release feeding, combine a product such as Stockosorb with your soil.  This product is a water retaining granule and stores water in the soil and makes it available for the plants when the soil becomes dry.

Water Wise Shade Net

Shade net can be used in certain areas where your sun is a lot harsher, causing absorption to take place faster than evaporation.

Water Wise Watering

By watering the garden deeply and less frequently, you encourage the roots to grow deeper and utilise the moisture deep in the ground. This enables the plants to thrive between watering and in times of drought. Use a sprinkler on the end of your hose along with a timer to control your watering time length.