Kitchen gardening


Chillies are thought to have originated in Central America, where they were first eaten by the ancient Inca and Aztec tribes. They have since found their way into traditional cuisine all over the world, and are also valued for their immune boosting properties.

Planting tips :

  • Chillies grow best in well draining soil that receives full sunlight for most of the day. Prepare the soil beforehand by mixing plenty of compost, raking it even and watering well.
  • You can also grow chillies very successfully in containers, provided they also receive enough sunlight.
  • Plant your chilli plants 30cm apart and water well. Water twice a week to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out.
  • Feed your chilli plants once a month with a liquid fertiliser like MultiFeed or Seagro.
  • Chillies are ready for harvesting when they are plump and their skins are glossy.
  • Not sure which variety to choose? If you prefer milder chillies, try varieties like Anaheim or Jalapeno. If you can handle the heat, try Serrano, Thai, Hungarian Wax or Habanera (very hot!)


  • Chillies are naturally high in vitamin C and A, which makes them a wonderful immune booster, or a natural way to fight colds and flu.
  • Make a very effective organic insecticide by crushing two handfuls of chillies and soaking them in a litre of water for 24 hours. Strain the solution and then add to 5 litres of fresh water. Add a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and use the mixture to target aphids on roses, pelargoniums and geraniums.