Kitchen gardening


Chervil is one of those mystery restaurant ingredients. You know the type – those things you see on a menu and think: “Yes, that sounds nice, but I have no idea what it is”. Well now you’ll know: Chervil is an annual herb that tastes similar to anise and parsley. It comes from the Latin chaerophyllum, which means ‘herb of joy’. It’s also one of the herbs used in the classic French seasoning, fines herbes.

Planting Tips:

  • Sow chervil seeds in autumn or spring in moist, composted soil. Chervil also grows well in a pot.
  • Choose a semi-shady spot, as the plants struggle to grow in full sun.
  • The plants produce pretty white flowers, but it’s best to pull off the flowers if you want to prolong the life of the plant.

How to use them :

  • Chervil is most often used to season soups, eggs, vegetables, fish and chicken. It should be added right at the end of the cooking process to preserve its delicate flavour.