Grow your own Asian Greens


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Grow your own Asian Greens

These days Asian greens like chihilli, wong bok, pak choi, tah tsai and Chinese cabbage are a common feature on local restaurant menus. They have found their way into stir fries, salads and as a base for a variety of main courses. The good news is that they’re quick and easy to grow from seed. Here’s what you need to know:

Step-by-step guide to growing your own Asian greens

  • Asian greens grow best in sunny, sheltered areas. They can be successfully grown in garden beds, pots and even window boxes.
  • Before sowing, prepare the soil with compost and fertiliser. The soil should be free-draining and be kept moist.
  • Sow seeds 5cm apart and about 0.5cm deep. After sowing, cover the entire area with a layer of mulch to help prevent the spread of weeds.
  • Once the seedlings appear thin them out to a distance of about 15cm apart and feed regularly with a liquid plant food like Multifeed.
  • Protect the precious leaves of your seedlings by scattering organic snail bait like Ferramol around your crops.
  • Sow follow-up crops four weeks later to ensure a steady supply of greens in the months ahead.

Did you know? Asian greens are a great vegetable to grow with your children as they sprout rapidly and are ready to pick in as soon as five weeks.