Great products for your pets


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A french bulldog resting in a cozy dog bed.

Great products for your pets

Dog beds – A dog bed is an essential piece of equipment for all dogs. A good bed provides your dog a private space and a sense of security. It also provides insulation from the floor in the winter and helps cushion joints and bones. The original dog nest remains the most popular. Visit one of our Pet Centres and view our large selection, or speak to a consultant as to what size best suits your dog .

Poop scoops – This easy-to-use device grips the poo, holds it in the scoop and, with a squeeze, releases the poop into a disposable unit or bag. Picking up poo just got a whole lot easier

Dog kennels – All dogs enjoy the benefit of a dog kennel. It does not matter what breed or size of dog you have, he will feel a sense of security and comfort within a dog kennel. Not only does it give him protection from the pouring rain in winter or the scorching sun in summer, it also gives him a place to retreat and call “my home”. Hygiene in kennels is important, so regular cleaning and disinfecting is important. If you have a wooden kennel, a protective layer of varnish will help extend the kennel’s durability.