Get your Garden Winter ready


DIY and how-to

A still shot of a water feature beset with mossy stones against a blurry garden background.

Get your Garden Winter-ready

Winter may have arrived rather late this year, but there’s no doubt that the cold, wet weather is now here to stay. Here are a few ways that you can prepare your garden and outdoor spaces for the months ahead.

The time that you invest now will pay off handsomely in the weeks to come :

  • Stake all weak-stemmed trees and shrubs. The winter gales can wreak havoc with the growth of young plants. Attach shrubs and trees to a sturdy stake, using a piece of old garden hose or pantyhose looped into a figure of 8 shape.
  • Clear out your gutters and drains of fallen autumn leaves. Overflowing drains are never fun to clear in the middle of a winter rainstorm.
  • Cover your swimming pool to prevent it filling with leaves and other debris.
  • Consider laying paving stones in areas of your lawn that become very soggy and waterlogged, especially if they are high traffic areas.
  • Invest in a water storage tank, so that you can save water for the drier months. It’s incredibly satisfying to water your garden in spring with water that you saved during winter.
  • Buy a few bags of compost and store them in your garage. Wait until just before a few days of heavy rain are predicted and then cover all your garden beds with the compost. The winter rains will help it soak in well and your garden will respond with glorious growth in spring.
  • Tackle winter grass in your lawn with an application of Kerb. It may look green and lush now, but when summer arrives it will die off, leaving you with bare patches in your lawn.
  • Put out food for the birds in your garden. Natural food sources are usually limited during the winter months.