Get garden ready


DIY and how-to

Colourful potted flowering plants alongside a gardening tool in soil on a concrete floor.

Excited about summer but worried about the drought? Here’s some great ways to get creative in the garden, without wasting water.

Add A Bit Of Colour

Add instant colour to your life by introducing small pops of summer-flowering annuals in container pots (we have an amazing new range, now available to buy online here and in store). Try petunias, dianthus, celosias, impatiens, marigolds and succulents.

Create Light

Focus on things that don’t require water! Think about creating mood and atmosphere in your garden by placing bamboo torches along pathways and other areas you want to highlight. Also try stringing fairy lights in trees close to outdoor patios or balconies.

Focus On One Feature

Instead of trying to keep your whole garden alive, focus on one key area (for instance your main entertainment area) and invest in drought-resistant plants that you can introduce to spruce it up.

Clean Up

Make sure your garden area is pristine: remove weeds growing in between paving stones by dousing them with boiling (grey) water on a hot day.

Top up any graveled areas with a new supply of gravel (remember to order a load before the building suppliers close for the holidays).

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