Garden tool essentials


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Gardening tools including secateurs, scissors, a hand fork, a trowel, gardening gloves, and an oil can on a rustic wooden table with soil.

Garden Tool Essentials

The wide selection of garden gadgets on the market can be rather overwhelming. So what do you really need to perform the mostimportant gardening tasks? Here’s our guide to essential garden gear – whether you’re an amateur gardener who’s just starting out or an experienced gardener who hasn’t bought garden tools in a while.

A sturdy spade – you’ll need this for digging large holes when you plant trees and shrubs. A spade takes quite a beating, so it’s worth spending a bit more on a quality spade that will last you for longer.

A large garden fork – you’ll use this for breaking up heavy soil prior to planting and for aerating your lawn and areas of the garden where the soil is dense or compact.

A watering can or a fine sprinkler attachment for your hose pipe – you’ll need these for watering seedlings gently (so that the spray doesn’t cause them to wash away), as well as for watering container plants and hanging baskets.

A set of hand gardening tools – this typically includes a trowel, a small garden fork and a transplanter. You’ll use them for planting seedlings and weeding.

A pair of secateurs – you’ll use them for pruning, deadheading, cutting and trimming. Once again, it’s worth investing in a good quality pair that will last you for many seasons. Remember to clean and dry them well after each use to prevent them from rusting.

Gardening gloves – these are essential to prevent nicks and scrapes when you’re pruning or weeding. They’ll also help to keep your fingernails clean when you plant seedlings

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