Focus on Tropical Fish


DIY and how-to

Bright blue damselfish with yellow tail swimming against blurred purple background.

Focus on Tropical Fish

With thousands of species of fish to choose from, the variety of tropical fish is endless, with an array of vibrant colours, and breathtaking shapes and sizes. But before you get excited and go out and buy them all, let’s look at them in more detail.

Where do Tropical  Fish come from?

Tropical fish come from tropical freshwater lakes around the world, with the biggest contributors being tropical lakes in Asia, the Amazon River in South America, and in Africa from the lakes in Malawi. Their basic temperature requirements vary from 24˚C to 28˚C. Their pH varies according to area and species, but most species from the Amazon like slightly acidic water, while the Asian and Malawian types prefer slightly alkaline water. A quick note for those who bunked science classes at school: pH 7.0 is neutral, anything lower is acidic and anything higher is alkaline. You must research what fish are suitable and compatible for your conditions. Stodels staff at the pet centres are more than willing to give you advice.

What are the groups of Tropical Fish?

Tropical fish are divided into two groups, namely live bearers and egg layers. The live bearers are the easiest, and most exciting to keep, especially when that first female guppy gives birth. Care requirements are the same as discussed in previous articles, but clean well filtered water, heated to an average of 26˚C, regular water changes and maintenance, and pH to match the species you wish to keep, are essential. Stodels has all the fish and tank equipment you require to get going, so, visit us for expert advice, and let us help you with something you’ve always wanted to do. With winter here, won’t it be exciting to have a piece of nature right in your living room, filled with colourful fish from around the world?