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Dogs have become such an important companion to us that most people can’t imagine life without them.

They have played roles in search and rescue, protection, law and order, but the best role has to be love and care.

But how many of us really know anything about the history of dogs?

A short history of dogs

Dogs date back to 15,000 years ago and are descendants of wolves across the globe. The domestic dog as we know it today came from the following four wolf types:

  • The North American wolf, giving rise to the Eskimo dogs
  • The Chinese wolf, giving rise to Chows, Spaniels and Pekinese
  • The Indian wolf, giving rise to Greyhounds and Salukis
  • The European wolf, giving rise to Sheepdogs and Terrier-related species

During the Middle Ages, people started to view dogs as a status symbol. Dogs gave people distinction and dog breeds started to increase. They were bred for size, length, colour and behaviour. Today, we have approximately 400 breeds of dogs, all of whom were bred by humans. All of them still belong to the same species, i.e. all breeds can crossbreed and still have fertile offspring.

Basic care of dogs

Dogs have very basic requirements, yet these are still often neglected:

  • Diet: Provide a balanced diet and clean, fresh water daily.
  • Exercise: Dogs need regular exercise, be it running or walking.
  • Attention: This helps to stimulate their brains and builds a relationship between you and your pet.

There are other rules, but the basic three are the most important. If you can follow them, you will be rewarded with a lifelong, healthy companion. Our pet centres have a range of dog products that will keep you happy and put a smile on your dog’s face.

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