Fragrant plants for your garden


DIY and how-to

Fragrant plants add a wonderful extra dimension to the sensory experience of your garden. Make sure you make the most of their glorious scents by planting them in prominent places, such as outside windows, along pathways, in front of garden beds and next to outdoor entertaining areas. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite fragrant plants for scent by day and night.

Day-time fragrance

  • Chinese wisteria is a quick growing, sweetly scented creeper with masses of purple flowers. It is an excellent choice for pergolas or archways.
  • Lavender grows well between roses, outside your kitchen door or along pathways, where its scent is released when you brush past it.
  • Frangipani thrives in warm gardens and flowers in summer and autumn.
  • Frangipani thrives in warm gardens and flowers in summer and autumn.
  • Roses are perennial sweet-smelling favourites. Choose fragrant varieties such as Papa Meilland, Double Delight, Just Joey, Crimson Glory and Graham Thomas.
  • Gardenia is a beautiful shrub with sweetly-scented flowers from spring until autumn.
  • Heliotrope produces masses of fragrant purple or white flowers and looks very attractive in summer.

Night-time scents

The plants listed below are particularly fragrant at night to enable them to attract night-time pollinators, such as moths.

  • Tobacco plant has a lovely scent at night and is available in a variety of colours.
  • St Joseph’s lilies are sweetly scented and their large white blooms look spectacular in the moonlight.
  • Jasmine “Snow White” has flowers that are particularly fragrant at night.
  • Angel’s Trumpet is a small tree with trumpet-shaped white or cream flowers with a wonderful fragrance.