Creating the Perfect Pond


DIY and how-to

Lily pads with lavender lotus flowers growing out of a pond with dark, murky water.

Creating the Perfect Pond

A pond always adds to the ambience of a garden – whether it is grandiose or petite.

Creating your own pond is simple – yet the impact is stunning!

Mark out the shape of the pond using a garden hose.

Dig out the pond, removing any stones or rubble. Line the base and walls of the pond with sand as a cushion.

Use plastic sheeting as a pond liner, positioning it over the hole and anchoring it with rocks and bricks.

Fill the pond with water. The pond liner will be moulded by the weight of the water. Cut excess plastic off the liner.

Lay sand and cement around the pond to anchor the liner. It is best to have an overhang to hide the liner. Water lilies and other water plants can be used to complete your pond.

Design your own mini garden around the pond using rocks, pavers Ferns, ornamental grasses or reeds. Ask our horticulturists for assistance.

Visit your Stodels branch for a full range of pumps, water plants and other pond accessories. We will happily assist you in creating the perfect pond