Create a Garden Sanctuary


DIY and how-to

A stone statue of a of a person meditating nestled among lush green leaves.

Create a Garden Sanctuary

Why not use the last few days of your holiday to create an outdoor sanctuary in your garden? Just a few small changes to your garden will transform it into a tranquil outdoor area for you to enjoy in peace, or where you can entertain guests in the summer months.

Here are the key elements you should consider :

  • Backdrop – Choose evergreen foliage to create a lush and peaceful backdrop. In sunny areas, try planting sage bush, sacred bamboo, hibiscus and plumbago. In shady areas, try forest bell, tree fuschia or plectranthus.
  • ScentOur sense of smell is one of the most evocative senses, and it can powerfully transform the mood of any area. For patio areas, try planting sweetly scented moonflower, English roses or jasmine. You can also add extra zest to your herb garden by planting mint, lavender and scented geranium.
  • Water – Water brings life in the form of birds and butterflies, and it also adds privacy by providing white noise in the background. If you have young children, opt for a water feature with a bubbler, as this will eliminate dangerous depth. Be sure to add a few water plants like white arums and moss-like ferns to your water feature.
  • A focal point – A strong focal point will add structure to your garden and lead the eyes in a certain direction. You can use a garden bench, pathway, gazebo, sundial and many other elements as a focal point. Ensure that the area surrounding the focal point is attractive by planting bedding plants in calming shades of white, blue and purple.