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DIY and how-to

Close-up of green mint leaves.

The hot, dry summer months lead to the arrival of a whole new group of garden pests. Crack down on some of the most common garden invaders with these tips: 

  • Red spider mite thrive in hot, dry conditions. They tend to target rose and tomato bushes. Spray them off the underside of rose leaves with red spider mite spray. You can also try planting an evergreen ground cover around rose bushes. This increases the moisture level in the area and deter red spider mite from attacking your plants.
  • Hawkmoth caterpillars are known to gobble up impatiens plants overnight. They feed at night and are easy to spot with a torch once its dark outside. Pick them off the plants and dispose of them as you see fit.
  • Lily borers target amaryllis and clivia. They tend to eat right into the crown of the plants and often destroy them. Spray the affected plants with Margaret Roberts Biological Caterpillar Insecticide.
  • Snails come out in full force as soon as you water your garden. Unless you have many eager garden helpers to collect the snails, it’s best to place heaps of an organic snail bait, like Ferramol, around your young seedlings.
  • Lawn caterpillars feed on your grass, causing ugly brown patches on your lawn. To confirm a lawn caterpillar infestation, place a wet towel on your lawn overnight. If there are caterpillars clinging to the underside of the towel the next morning, you’ll know what is causing the damage. Get rid of them by treating your lawn with a good application of Margaret Roberts Biological Caterpillar Insecticide or Karbaspray.
  • Encourage natural pest predators like birds, lizards and lady birds by using non-toxic insecticides whenever possible.


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