Classical Clivias


Indigenous and fynbos

Classical Clivias

Clivias are one of many indigenous gems that we have been blessed with in South Africa. And despite what you might have heard, they are actually very low maintenance plants that are easy to grow.They do particularly well in containers and they like a shady  spot, making them the ideal choice for a patio potted plant.

However, they are equally happy in the garden. Just follow these simple rules :

  • Plant them in a position where they will receive dappled shade, or just two hours of morning sun.
  • Make sure that the soil in which they are planted drains well, and enrich it with a spadeful of compost per square metre.
  • Water frequently to keep the soil moist and feed your clivias once a month with compost and bone meal.
  • Try handpicking snails off their favourite plants after rainy weather. Look out for them on agapanthus, clivias, day lilies and New Zealand flax.

It’s as simple as that – soon you’ll be rewarded with spectacular blooms in vibrant colours.