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Video: How to Prune your Roses

Don't know how to prune your Roses? We've got it... Read More

Know your roses

A garden simply isn’t complete without a few rose bushes. Here are some tips to ensure that your roses flower all the... Read More

Adding Elegance to your Garden

Adding Elegance to your Garden May is the ideal time of year to plant roses. The rose shrubs have enough time to... Read More

Your Rose Calender

January Give your roses a light summer pruning. This will stimulate growth for an extended blooming period.... Read More

The Secret to breathtaking Roses

The Secret to breathtaking Roses Roses really come into their own this month. After pruning in July and rain during... Read More

7 steps to Happy Roses

7 steps to Happy Roses Roses produce their first spring flush in October. If you plant them now, they’ll have... Read More

Growing your Roses

Growing your Roses Decide whether you want rose varieties which will provide a colourful display, scent, and/or cut... Read More