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Winter feeding for pond fish

Winter....synonymous with everything slowing down during the colder months, including your pond fish’s metabolism!... Read More

How to save water and still have a fish pond

How to save water and still have a fish pond

As we enter our second month of level 3 water restrictions, here are some handy ways to reduce the water consumption of... Read More

Parrots as pets

Parrots as pets

Parrot ownership is a greater responsibility than most new owners realise. The level of commitment to the parrot to... Read More

Feeding your koi

Guide to feeding your Koi

Water temperature can dictate how and when you feed your fish. Careful consideration should be given to the condition... Read More

Feeding your pet

A raw food diet is the most pure, wholesome nutrition you can provide your dog with. Raw food is full of living... Read More

Caring for Pet Rabbits

What are rabbits like? - A pet rabbit is neither like a pet cat nor a pet dog. Pet cats and dogs are likely to take an... Read More

How to build a Pond using Pond Liner

There are several ways to build a pond. Liner ponds are a popular cost-saving option. Liner ponds are cheaper than... Read More

New Generation Pond Filters

When we keep fish in ponds, we are copying a natural system. In natural systems, there are processes that regulate the... Read More

10 Basic Feeding tips for Birds

There are many different types of companion birds, and there are specific rules for the nutritional well-being of each... Read More

11 Things humans do that dogs dislike

There are many ways you can drive a dog nuts — and you probably aren't even aware of them. So if you want to be your... Read More

Why not adopt a dog?

There are several animal welfare organisations in the Western Cape, like the SPCA, that need your help in finding... Read More

Keeping your Pets Warm

Keep your Pets Warm during the Colder Months Some breeds of dogs and cats are lucky enough to have a double coat, made... Read More

Feeding your Pet Bird

Feeding your Pet Bird

Feeding your Pet Bird   Just as mammals can be divided into categories based on their primary diet (carnivore,... Read More

Caring for pet rabbits – is it easy?

Caring for pet rabbits - is it easy? “Stuffed bunny rabbits are so cute. So are real rabbits. How difficult could it... Read More

Holiday planning for your fish

Get an electric timer and time the light to come on during the day and go off during the night. If your bulbs are... Read More

Setting up a Tropical Fish Tank

Setting up a Tropical Fish Tank

Things you will need to setup your Tropical fish tank Fish tank Power strip (optional) Tank... Read More