Attract birds with indigenous shrubs


Indigenous and fynbos

Bird feeders filled with seeds hanging from strings amidst orange and yellow flowers.

A healthy, abundant garden would not be complete without a diverse habitat of birds. Plants draw birds with their nectar, flowers, fruit, seeds and by attracting insects, which are another food source for avians. Selecting the right varieties of indigenous shrubs to plant in your garden will create a welcoming environment for feathered friends.

Here are a few of our favourite bird magnets:

Aloes provide nectar for a wide range of birds. The larger plants also make for popular nesting sites.

Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis)
A very popular shrub that produces masses of bright orange flowers which attract nectar-eating birds and insects.

Bushman’s poison (Acokanthera oppositifolia)
This plant is an evergreen shrub which produces white flowers in spring, followed by purplish black berries. Both the flowers and berries are irresistible to birds.

Cross-berry (Grewia occidentalis)
An evergreen shrub which produces lilac-pink flowers followed by cross-shaped fruit that resemble miniature hot cross buns. The fruit remain on the shrub for many months, making this shrub a dependable pantry for birds in the summer months.

Lion’s ear (Leonotis leonurus)
Lion’s ear produces orange or white flowers in autumn. The nectar of these flowers attracts birds and insects.

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