Alluring agapanthus


DIY and how-to

Close-up of a single purple flower of the Agapanthus plant

Alluring Agapanthus

The spectacular agapanthus plant is indigenous to southern Africa, where it grows in the wild in all our provinces except the Northern Cape. They produce large clusters (known as umbels) of funnel-shaped flowers at the end of a tall stem. The colour of agapanthus flowers range from blue-purple hues to white, and even pink varieties, and the plants range in height from just 20cm for certain dwarf varieties to up to 2m for larger varieties. They make excellent cut flowers and will last for up to 10 days in a vase of water, although the darker coloured varieties tend to fade when brought indoors.

Agapanthus are very hardy plants which can withstand periods of drought very well due to their thick, fleshy roots where they store water and food. However, they will thrive and flower copiously if planted in full sun in rich, well drained soil with plenty of compost.

Tips to keep your agapanthus in top shape :

  • Water agapanthus deeply once a week during spring and summer (twice a week if the weather is very hot and dry). The more water these plants receive, the more flowers they will produce.
  • Feed agapanthus once every two weeks from September to April with a balanced slow release fertiliser like 2:3:2.
  • Lift and divide overgrown clumps once every four years in Autumn to encourage maximum flowering.
  • Remove faded flower heads to prevent the plants from self-seeding and taking over your garden.