Adding elegance to your garden



Red roses in a clear glass vase on a wooden table with more red roses laying behind the vase.

Adding Elegance to your Garden

May is the ideal time of year to plant roses. The rose shrubs have enough time to establish themselves in the autumn months and, once spring arrives, they will grow with new vigour to produce a colourful display in Summer.

Location is very important when planting roses. Choose an area that gets at least six hours of full sun every day. Take care not to plant roses too close to other trees, as the roots of the trees are likely to spread out and leach the soil of nutrients meant for the roses.

When removing old rose bushes that have passed their prime, remember to replace the soil before planting the new roses. The old soil will have virtually none of the nutrients needed to help the new rose shrub flourish.

Planting Roses – Step by Step

  • Dig a hole approximately 0,3m wide and 0,5m deep. If you are planting many rose bushes, ensure that the holes are at least 1m apart.

  • Remove all the soil from the hole. Keep the top layer of soil aside, and add the bottom soil to your garden compost heap.

  • Prepare the hole by placing a heaped spadeful of compost and a handful each of bonemeal and super phosphate in the hole. Add the bulk of the topsoil and mix well.

  • When the rose shrub is placed in the hole, the soil in the plastic casing should be level with the ground. Make sure that there is enough soil in the hole, so that the shrub does not ‘sink’ below ground level.

  • Cut off the bottom of the plastic and place the rose shrub in the hole. Slit the plastic from top to bottom and remove it. Fill the hole with any remaining topsoil and press down firmly to eliminate air pockets.

  • Build a shallow ‘dam wall’ around the base of the plant using the surrounding soil. Water well.

  • By planting a groundcover plant at the base of the rose, you can ensure that the roots of the rose remain cool and moist. But take care to keep a radius of at least 30cm between the base of the rose shrub and the groundcover, so that it does not ‘strangle’ the young rose shrub.

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