6 Ways to Add a Creative Touch to Your Garden


DIY and how-to

A terracotta plant pot containing an arrangement of succulents in shades of green and purple.

Sprucing up your garden doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are simple ways to give it a lift!

Looking for ways to give your garden a whimsical feel? You can easily liven up your outdoor space with a few additions and tweaks. Use these innovative tips to get started. 

Try different planters

Upcycle used containers to plant your flowers or veggies. Choose vessels you can easily drill holes into for water drainage. Tins, mason jars, watering cans and crates are ideal. Use paint, coloured paper and pebbles to turn them into a lovely display. Set them on a table or windowsill to add a pop of colour to your garden.

Paint an accent wall

Is a dingy corner dampening the mood? Brighten it up with a fresh lick of paint. The colour you choose will depend on the atmosphere you want to create, but bold colours are a great choice. Try hues that complement your garden’s palette: blue, pink, lilac, yellow and green. You can have an accent wall on opposite ends if the space is wide enough.

Welcome birds with feeders

There’s nothing like the soothing sound of chirping birds, so why not invite these feathered friends to your garden? Hang some planters on the branches of a tree or place them on a windowsill or table. Next, fill them with birdseed and water (for snacks and a bath!). Plant some Cape honeysuckle, aloe or Bushman’s poison and you’ll soon have new visitors!

Dress up weathered furniture 

If your outdoor furniture is worn out and weary, use these DIY tips to liven it up:

  • Use sandpaper on wooden tables, benches and chairs to remove chipped paint. Give them a fresh coat of paint or varnish them for a glossy look.
  • Clean your couches to remove dust and any stains. 
  • Reupholster seats with some fabric and a staple gun.
  • Spray-paint faded cushions or throws to update their look.

Create a timeless succulent display

Hardy succulents are low-maintenance and remain beautiful year-round. Create enchanting borders around your garden by planting or placing them in containers. Here are some great local indigenous succulent options:

  • Crassula ovata, commonly known as the jade plant, produces beautiful pink flowers.
  • Delosperma cooperi, also called klipvygie or Cooper’s ice plant, has small green leaves and peach, pink or yellow flowers.
  • Portulacaria afra prostrata is also known as the porkbush, or spekboom in Afrikaans. Its small leaves make it a great option for a clipped hedge or garden screening.
  • Kalanchoe sexangularis (aka bushveld or red-leaved kalanchoe), with its gorgeous crimson leaves, is decorative. 

Fill square containers (e.g. crates or concrete blocks) with pebbles, smooth stones or coral rock. Next, place the succulents in between them. Stack your containers for a creative twist. 

Get creative with terracotta pots

Terracotta pots are more versatile than you think! Use them to make useful decorations for your garden, such as:

  • Terracotta-pot wind chimes that you can easily hang on tree branches or a windowsill
  • DIY garden gnomes or terracotta garden turtles that you can place on a grassy path or flowerbed
  • Side tables made with large, sturdy terracotta pots
  • Garden-tool holders, where you can neatly store your pruning set

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