Pansies – Autumn to Autumn

8th October 2008

Pansies – Autumn to Autumn

Pansies - Autumn to AutumnNew names, colours, patterns and markings on the Pansy and Viola flowers await you at Stodels.

Planting now will give the gardener an extravagant show from this Autumn to the next. Plant these beauties in the garden, pots, hanging baskets, window boxes and even the herb garden as the blooms are all edible.

‘Cats’ is a new addition so-called as the black markings look like cat’s whiskers , in various colours.

‘Purple Rain’ is a trailing Pansy, with large purple flowers, blue faces and yellow centres, they grow and spread quickly, making them ideal for a groundcover.

‘Evita’ Pansies provide a choice of colours from carmine to burgundy to pastels. ‘Evita’ is an early bloomer and grows vigorously.

‘Bingo Rose Frost’ and ‘Bingo Blue Frost’ are two new additions. They flower earliest, have short, strong stems and do not become leggy like some Pansies and cope better with heat.

Violas are equally popular, with slightly smaller blooms. The Viola Sorbet variety provide radical colour combinations: lemon and purple, purple and orange, ruby and gold and blackberry and cream. Some varieties of the Sorbet Violas have tinted petal edges and cat’s whiskers like the Pansy, and also flower abundantly. Viola Patiola provides generous, abundant flowers and are sweetly scented.

Feeding every 2 to 4 weeks with an ordinary 3.2.3 fertilizer will maintain healthy growth and encourage abundant blooms