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Sultana grapes are one of the most popular eating grapes in South Africa. They’re delicious when eaten fresh as a snack and are also excellent when dried or used in baking or cooking. They are seedless, oblong in shape with a sweet, juicy fliesh and a light green skin that has a golden sheen. It’s believed to have come from Asia Minor (Ottoman Empire).

Planting Tips:

Dig a hole of about 60 x 60cm and add a generous amount of compost and a good measure of bone meal. Water very well after planting. Spread a generous layer of mulch around the plant(s), keeping clear of the stems. Grapes can be grown with great success in large pots, provided they are in full sun and are supported by a vertical trellis. Keep in mind that vines in pots will need to be watered and fed more frequently.

General Care:

Once a year, in spring, do an application of organic 8:1:5 fertilser (according to manufacturer’s instructions). At the same time, apply Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate). Always water well before and after applying fertilisers. After this, apply a bi-monthly feed of organic 3:1:5 fertiliser until mid-autumn. Keep vines moist during the growing season but don’t let it get waterlogged. Reduce watering during ripening stage.


It is very important to prune grapevines during dormant stage in mid to late winter just before spring growth starts.

1 in stock