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Eureka Lemon Tree for Sale: Grow Your Own Zesty Lemons at Home

This evergreen citrus tree has lush, dark green leaves and fragrant blossoms. The Eureka lemon produces medium-sized, smooth and pale yellow fruit throughout the year.

Care instructions:

  • Plant in a sheltered area in full sun, at least 4m away from any other tree.
  • Plant in a large hole filled with a mixture of potting soil, compost and a handful of bonemeal. See our guide to planting trees.
  • Water deeply and regularly, especially in the first few years.

Consult our guide to growing citrus trees for more care guidelines.

Plant in well drained soil. Fare well in cooler climates. Dig large hole when planting. Feed with 315 every 4 months. Keep moist at all times. Prune lightly after each crop.

8 in stock