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The Cape rough lemon is a hardy plant that produces lemons with thick, rough peels. It is both the sweeter and the older variety of lemon in South Africa.

Care Instructions:

  • Plant in full sun about 4m away from any other tree (the tree can become very big).
  • Make the planting hole as large as possible.
  • Trees planted in the ground should be watered twice a week, especially in summer. Potted trees should be watered more regularly, even daily during summer.
  • Feed four times a year with a fertiliser rich in nitrogen and potassium

Plant Instruction:

  • Plant Position: Full Sun
  • Evergreen
  • Medium Watering
  • Attraction: Fruit

This tree fares well in cooler climates. Plant in well-drained soil. Dig a large hole when planting and feed with 3:1:5 every 4 months. Keep moist at all times and prune lightly after each crop.

1 in stock