Gauteng gardening guide | November 2018 | Stodels Nursery

November 2018

The holiday season is quickly approaching and whether you’re planning a trip to the coast or staying inland, don’t let your garden suffer while you’re away. Prepare your holiday garden by weeding flower beds, using a general fertiliser, watering the garden well and mulching. Staying home for the season? Here are our top gardening tips to help you spruce up your summer garden:

Plant & Sow
  • Plant summer bulbs such as begonias, liatris, eucomis, crocosmias, dahlias, nerines, Polianthes, sprekelia and Daubenyas.
  • Plant landscape grasses that are hardy, low-maintenance and add to the texture of your garden.
  • Sow vegetables such as beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin, radish, spinach, sweetcorn and turnips.
  • Grow a herb garden. Add asparagus, celery, coriander, dill, lavender, linseed, mint, oreganum, rocket, sage, parsley, peppermint, sage, spearmint and thyme to the list.
  • Flowering plants should be fed with a flower and fruit fertiliser or a 3:1:5 fertiliser.
  • Lawns require a 5:1:5 fertiliser.
  • Fruit and veg require a 3:1:5 fertiliser.
  • Herbs should be fed with a gentle, organic fertiliser such as Seagro.
Prune & Trim
  • Deadhead rose bushes and inspect for aphids.
  • Mow lawns regularly and fertilise and water well.
  • Use a layer of compost as a slow-release fertiliser and mulch for your garden. This will retain moisture in the soil and allow you to water less frequently.

Acid-loving hydrangeas
November is the best month for hydrangeas, or ‘Christmas roses’, to bloom. If your hydrangeas are not in bloom, use an acidic foliar feed and mulch around the plant with bark chips. Hydrangeas are considered the ‘mood ring’ of the garden, and the colour (or mood) is determined by the soil in which they grow. Read more about the hydrangea colour code to find out how the hydrangea changes colour.

Did you know?
Potted hydrangeas should be well-watered, as the potting mix in which they’re planted can dry out quickly. To keep them hydrated, place the whole container in water for a few hours. Implement these handy water-saving ideas for pot plants if you live in a water-sparse area. Place your hydrangeas in bright but not direct light and feed every two weeks with a pot plant mix. Once the flowers fade, place in a flower bed or large container in a shady area on your patio.