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December 2018

Get ready to celebrate the magic of December in style by bringing out the best in your summer garden with our Gauteng December gardening guide.

Spotlight on: Poinsettia
A bright and cheerful poinsettia makes for the perfect Christmas table centrepiece, and will last well beyond the festive season if planted in the garden in a semi-shaded area. Read our tips on how to select and take care of your poinsettia this summer.

Plant & Sow Feed
  • Feed garden beds every six weeks with seaweed-rich and organic Atlantic Bio Ocean.
  • Lawns require a 7:1:3 fertiliser such as Atlantic Bio Ocean or Wonder Lawn and Leaf. The latter is chemical-based and will provide faster results, but requires watering three times or more a week to prevent burn.
  • English gardens in full bloom should be fed with a 3:1:5 fertiliser. A good option is Wonder Fruit and Flower or the organic Atlantic Fruit and Flower, which is endorsed by the Rose Society of South Africa.
These are are the common garden pests that may plague you this month, and the recommended insecticide:
  • Whiteflies (use Efekto Whitefly)
  • Mealybug and scale (best treated with Efekto Malasol)
  • Lily borer (use Protek Knox Worm)
You can also implement budget-friendly, organic pest busters such as a spray of canola oil or catnip.


Decorating your summer garden
Since the holiday season is all about entertaining, get your garden into the festive spirit with these creative decorations:
  • Create evening ambience by adding solar lights to pathways, trees and feature plants.
  • Fairy lights around patio pot plants and hanging baskets will also add that sparkle to your festive season.
  • Consider livening up a dull area under a tree by planting LM Berea lawn (Dactyloctenium Australe).
  • Plant coleus, impatiens and lavender to bring colour to garden beds.
Holiday getaway checklist
Going away this month? Here are some strategies for helping your garden survive the holidays:
  • Move plants in pots and hanging baskets out of the direct sun.
  • Mow your lawn and water it well. Postpone feeding your lawn until you return.
  • Mulch flower beds.
  • Pack all gardening tools and outdoor furniture in a safe location.