May gardening guide | Gauteng | Stodels Garden Centre


As we move towards the cold, crisp weather, now is the time to prepare your garden for the winter months ahead. Follow our guide on which bulbs and vegetables are suitable for May, and for a list of plant varieties to plant now to give you a vibrant spring garden.

Spotlight on: Maintaining a healthy winter lawn
  • Water lawn twice a week to keep it healthy and maintain its green colour. Water after sunrise to avoid frost.
  • Buffalo lawn becomes dormant as winter arrives, so you can mow it less frequently. Kikuyu lawn should be mowed every two weeks.
  • Use a fertiliser high in phosphate, such as 2:3:2, to encourage root development.

Plant & Sow          Tip: Plant tulips 10-15cm apart and 8cm deep.  Prune
  • Prune late summer- and autumn-flowering shrubs such as bush violet, hydrangea and wild dagga, and climbers such as canary creeper and wisteria.
  • Keep conifers in shape by pruning gently.
  • To regulate fruit production and encourage rejuvenation of evergreen fruit trees, prune their branches and young tips.
         Tip: Invest in a pair of elbow-length gloves if you’ll be pruning thorny and spiky shrubs. Neaten up
  • Tidy flower beds and perennials such as cannas and heliconia.
  • Stake trees and shrubs in wind-prone areas.
  • Clean up under hedges and loosen the soil to get rid of pests that may be sheltering underneath.
  • Feed existing plants with a high-nitrogen fertiliser.
  • Feed your lawn before rainfall with a handful of 2:3:2 per square metre.
  • Water and feed indoor plants such as cinerarias, cyclamen and daffodils every two weeks with a liquid fertiliser.

Prepare your garden for winter frosts
First frosts are usually expected around the third week of May. Protect your plants by covering them with a frost guard, protect roots with a thick mulch and move pots into a sheltered spot.