August gardening guide| Gauteng | Stodels Garden Centre 


We might not be done with winter quite yet, but signs of spring are all around us. From lighter, early mornings to promising buds, signs of new beginnings abound. Now is the month to plan your spring garden, prepare your tools for some hard work and get ready for a busy season ahead. 


Plant & Sow 
  • Sow the seeds for edible varieties such as nasturtiums, Italian parsley, spinach, Swiss chardlettucerocketcarrotsbeetrootradish, beans, sweet pepperstomatoes and celery. 
  • Plant spring-flowering seedlings such as primulas, calendulas, poppies, snapdragons and stocks. 
  • Summer-flowering pansies and violas will be in full-colour display at your nearest Stodels Garden Centre. Pick your favourite colour to plant now for flowers until late summer. 
  • Cold-loving alyssum will flourish in spring, so sow these seeds in any bare spots in the garden now. 
  • Lavender of all types should be planted now for vivid pink-purple colour in summer. 
  • Plant summer-flowering bulbs and rhizomes such as cannas, dahlias, gladiolus, golden arum, nerines, spider lilies, tigridialiatris and watsonias. 
  • Fertilise clematis and fuchsias once every two weeks with SeagroNitrosol or Multifeed. Pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushier growth and more flowers in summer. 
  • Ensure deep pink- or blue-hued hydrangeas by feeding them with Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Pink Hydrangea or Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Blue Hydrangea (note that the products are different for different colours) once every two weeks. 
  • Feed winter-flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, with bulb food to supply nutrients for next year’s blooms. Don’t remove the yellowing foliage, as this also helps to feed the bulbs. 
  • Azaleas are beginning to bud, so ensure you are feeding them with Wonder Colourburst to ensure a healthy, full blooming season. 
  • August is the month for lawn care, so revive yours with a spring treatment: 
  • Rake your lawnremove any winter debris and mow short and low. 
  • Spike for aeration. 
  • Feed lawn with a foliage fertiliser, such as slow-releasing Wonder 3:2:1, sustained-release Wonder 7:1:3 or organic, waterwise varieties such as Atlantic Bio Lawn. 
  • Top dress with a lawn dressing, and use a layer of topsoil to even the lawn and fill in any holes.  
  • In the case of All Seasons Evergreen lawn, a lawn dressing is not recommended. Rather trim lawn as normal and feed with Atlantic Bio Lawn. 

Bring the birds and the bees
Attracting birds into your garden helps you manage garden pests naturally, and bees and butterflies are crucial to encourage vivid spring colour. Buy a bird feeder and fill the birdbath with fresh water to welcome feathered friends and encourage butterflies and bees to the garden with a selection of flowering fynbos plants such as pincushion, buchu, wax flower and Erica varieties.