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Plant smart and save water

Many gardeners believe that water restrictions mean one of two options: either let your garden die, or spend hours... Read More

Save Water by Planting Indigenous Plants

Planting Indigenous Plants One of the easiest ways that you can save substantial amounts of water in your garden is to... Read More

How and why to celebrate Arbour Week | Stodels Garden Centre

Why do we celebrate Arbour Week?

In September we celebrate Arbour Day and Arbour Week in South Africa – a time to plant trees and pay special... Read More

Water Wise – Invasive Plants

Identifying Invasive Plants ... Did you know that you can help conserve water by simply identifying invasive plants and... Read More

Water Wise – How to save Water in your Garden: Water Saving Tips

Water Saving Strategies As water is a precious resource, it is vitally important to have a flexible watering schedule... Read More

Water Wise – Vegetable Garden

Water Wise Vegetable Garden The idea behind creating a Water Wise vegetable garden is that it has the benefits of both... Read More

Water Wise – Water Storage

Water Storage Water is a very precious resource in South Africa . Rain is seasonal in all parts of the country, which... Read More

Water Wise – Look For

What to look for ... The main focus behind creating a water wise garden is to create a garden which is both attractive... Read More

Water Wise – Lawn Care

Water Saving Lawn Care Are you aware of the fact that your lawn is one of your biggest users of water in the garden?... Read More

Water Wise – Water Saving

Water Wise Water Saving Ideas Organic Conditioning: Improve your soil health and water holding capacity by working in... Read More

Water Wise – Herb Garden

Water Wise Herb Garden Growing healing herbs can be planted in both open soil or in containers. Herbs make excellent... Read More

Waterwise Groundcovers

Waterwise Groundcovers Waterwise groundcovers are an easy and affordable way to keep your garden beds moist and cool.... Read More

Water Wise – Tips

Save Water & Be Water Wise Cut off the top of a large cooldrinks bottle, punch holes in the bottom and sink it next to... Read More