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Waterwise flowering plants

Waterwise flowers for spring

Water saving is top of mind as the weather warms up, but that doesn’t mean we have to skimp on colour in the garden!... Read More

Collecting rainwater in your garden

Heading into (what should be) the wetter season and with the drought still top of mind, now is the perfect time to... Read More


To prevent your succulents from being undersupplied, they should be repotted at regular intervals. It’s recommended... Read More

Save water with mulching

Mulch is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to save water, especially during these extreme weather conditions.... Read More

Planting a succulent rock garden

Hardy, drought-tolerant succulents make a beautiful statement in a water-wise rock garden. These are perfect for little... Read More

How to identify a waterwise plant

When planning a water-wise garden, the main objective is to create a space that is both attractive yet thrives with... Read More

Drought-tolerant vs. Indigenous Plants

Local may be lekker, but not all indigenous plants are good options to grow in your garden during the drought. When... Read More

Indigenous Colour For Christmas

December is a festive time of year to appreciate our floral heritage but in times of drought we need to make sure that... Read More

Small Garden? Here’s what works!

Small garden? No problem. Trying to create an outdoor haven in a small gardens, courtyard or apartment balcony can be... Read More

Get Guzmania’s this season

Looking for a striking indoor plant that’s easy to care for? Look no further than the colourful Guzmania, a striking... Read More

Plant Smart: Save Water

Many gardeners believe that water restrictions mean one of two options: either leave your garden to die, or spend... Read More

Waterwise Indoor Plants_Stodels

Water wise indoor plants

Every plant requires a certain amount of care, but some can put up with (or even prefer) minimal tending. These... Read More

water-wise gardening

3 steps for water wise gardening

Step One: Get water to your plants Use water wisely by getting the water directly to the plants, where they need it. ... Read More

Your water-wise gardening guide

Your water-wise gardening guide

Water is a scarce resource, and South Africa is one of the 30 driest countries in the world. As we navigate the growing... Read More

Top 5 water-wise bedding plants

Bedding plants are an indispensable aspect of your summer garden. They are largely responsible for giving your garden... Read More

Save water, inside and out!

The current water restrictions require us all to do our bit to save water where we can. Here are some easy water-saving... Read More