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Planting design principles

Principles for correct plant combinations Consider the height and levels of your garden, as well as the width and... Read More

10 gardening gift ideas for the festive season | Stodels Nursery

10 gardening gift ideas for the festive season

Need a Christmas gift guide or some DIY ideas for your friends and family? Make it a green Christmas by giving a gift... Read More

Spotlight on garlic

Late autumn to early winter is the ideal time to plant garlic. An essential element of cuisine across the globe, this... Read More

How to plant a cheerful window box

Autumn is the ideal time to plant a window box. Fill it with vibrant winter-flowering annuals or spring-flowering bulbs... Read More

Garden project: Kids’ eggshell succulent garden

Try this project after a hearty, eggy breakfast when you’re left with a pile of eggshells. It’s an affordable and... Read More

Indoor Havens

  As gardens become smaller, and the drought gets worse, plant lovers are finding other ways to keep their green... Read More

Festive Flowers

  Get your garden up to speed for the summer festive season by festive shades of red, white and green that will add... Read More