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tree sapling care

How to care for your tree sapling

It’s National Arbour Week on 3–9 September 2018 and we’re celebrating the importance of trees. Among many other... Read More

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Tree Planting Tips

Tree Planting Tips Arbour Week is celebrated each year in South Africa from 1-7 September. While it’s always a good... Read More

Clematis: The climbing beauty

Clematis is a beautiful climbing plant. If you have pillars or arches in your garden, then a clematis shrub planted in... Read More

Plant a Pomegranate Tree

A pomegranate tree is a welcome addition to any garden. The tree bears attractive red flowers and fruit and doesn’t... Read More

Trees for Small Gardens

Choosing a good tree for a smaller space can be a tricky task. Besides considering how tall and wide the tree will... Read More

Captivating Camellias

It’s easy to understand the appeal of camellias – they bloom profusely in autumn and winter and they’re evergreen... Read More

Great groundcovers

Groundcovers are a wonderful alternative to a standard lawn and they’re also ideal for covering tricky areas, such as... Read More

Upward Climbers

Climbing plants are a great way to add a vertical dimension to your garden – especially if you have limited space.... Read More

Go for Gauras

Gauras are hardy perennial plants with a long flowering season and minimal care requirements. Plant them now and... Read More

Cold Customers …

Cold Customers ... Based on the near freezing winter temperatures we have been experiencing in the Western Cape... Read More

Fantastic Ferns

Fantastic Ferns Ferns are ideal for shady areas of your garden where other plants struggle to thrive due to lack of... Read More

Tips for Gardening at the Coast

Tips for Gardening at the Coast For many people, December means it’s time to head for the beach house. Here are... Read More

How and why to celebrate Arbour Week | Stodels Garden Centre

Why do we celebrate Arbour Week?

In September we celebrate Arbour Day and Arbour Week in South Africa – a time to plant trees and pay special... Read More

Planting a Tree the Right Way

Planting a Tree the Right Way How you usually plant a tree? You dig a deep, narrow hole and put the tree inside,... Read More

Taking Care of the Big Stuff

Taking Care of the Big Stuff Bright idea - place a plastic sheet on the lawn and save yourself the extra work of... Read More

Protect Your Home with Plants

Protect your Home with Plants Allow Mother Nature to protect your home with the use of shrubs and trees that can keep... Read More