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Feeding your koi

Guide to feeding your Koi

Water temperature can dictate how and when you feed your fish. Careful consideration should be given to the condition... Read More

Where did Koi fish originate?

  Koi keeping took off in Japan when, in 1914, some breeders took samples of different varieties to an exhibition in... Read More

Choosing Good Koi Food

Choosing Good Koi Food   Walk into a couple of pet shops or supermarkets and you will be amazed at the variety... Read More

Keeping Pond Fish

What you need to know about keeping Pond Fish Since ancient times, Oriental cultures have believed that Koi fish and... Read More

How to take care of your Koi Fish

How to take care of your Koi Fish Before purchasing your Koi fish you must have the below ready. A large size pond... Read More

Q & A About Koi Fish

Q & A About Koi Fish How many fish can I fit in my pond? With Koi that's an easy question to answer. We recommend... Read More

Dealing with Algae in Koi Ponds

Dealing with Algae in Koi Ponds Algae isn’t as bad as you may think. It is a plant that puts oxygen into the water... Read More

How to manage waste in your Koi Pond

How to manage waste in your Koi PondKoi are remarkably tough fish and a sick or dead Koi is usually a symptom of poor... Read More

Good Filtration, key to Koi keeping

Good Filtration is key to Koi keeping!All too often the area of filtration is misunderstood by Koi keepers. Any good... Read More

Care for your Koi

Care for your Koi You will need the following... Read More